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HDMI HDBaseT Übertrager 100 m

Artikelnummer: NE-VE812T-AT-G

EAN: 4719264640278

Kategorie: Extender

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The VE812T HDMI Over Single Cat 5 Transmitter supports HDBaseT technology that uses a single Cat 5e cable to extend signals up to 100 m.The VE812T not only supports HDMI (3D, Deep Color ) but also Ultra HD (4k) and is HDCP compatible. Furthermore remote EDID pass-through ensures optimum video quality for your HDMI display.

The VE812T is perfect for the meeting room, home theater or any installation that needs long distance transmission and superior video quality.

*When using VE812T-AT-G only, make sure the display used supports HDbase-T. If not, use VE812R-AT-G to receive.

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