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HDMI Cat5 Verstärker 60 m

Artikelnummer: NE-VB802-AT-G

EAN: 4710423775923

Kategorie: Extender

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The VB802 HDMI Over Cat 5 Repeater is an HDMI signal extension device which is compatible with ATEN HDMI Over Cat 5 Splitters or Extender.
The VB802 extends the transmission range an extra 60m over two Cat 5e cables.

The use of an additional repeater means the HDMI signals can be transmitted over even longer distances.
By using up to 4 x VB802 and 1 x VE800R in one installation, signals can be transmitted over longer distances (up to 300m).

Package Contents
1x VB802 HDMI Over Cat 5 Repeater
1x 0AD6-1605-24EG Power Adapter
1x Mounting Kit
1x User Instructions

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