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Adapter BNC female/female 75 Ohm

Artikelnummer: NE-NTR-NBB75DFGB

The bulkhead connector offers a true 75 Ù design for serial and digital (HD) signals. The machined brass connector body provides an extremely rugged and non-abrasive connection over long term use and is in addition recessed and therefore well protected in a D-shape housing (audio industry standard).

Grounded bulkhead jack, feedthrough in black D-shape housing

Features & Benefits

• Gold plated center contact

• True 75 Ù design meets the stringent HD requirements

• Grounded panel mount

• Standard D-shape housing

• Recessed bulkhead jack

• Color coding possible

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Ausführungen mit D-Gehäuse passend für Neutrik 19'' Panel der D-Serie

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